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A cool Open Source cover flow view to make your Android app look more fancy.

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What is FancyCoverFlow?

FancyCoverFlow is a flexible Android widget providing out of the box view transformations to give your app a unique look and feel. Curious about what FancyCoverFlow can do for you? Check out the FancyCoverFlow examples on GitHub or get the app on Google Play.

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How to use?

Using FancyCoverFlow in your Android app is as simple as

fancyCoverFlow = new FancyCoverFlow(context);

You can also inflate FancyCoverFlow from XML:

        fcf:unselectedScale="0.4" />

Features, features, features...

A variety of adjustable effects allows an infinite number of fancy end results. FancyCoverFlow can apply effects on all kinds of views (and view groups) and is not only restricted to ImageView instances. Effects comprise

FancyCoverFlow Screenshot Nexus 4

Any dependencies?

Nope. Well, wait! Android SDK.

Known issues

Authors and Contributors

FancyCoverFlow started as a university project of the two master degree students David Schreiber (@davidschreiber) and J. P. Nalog (@jpnalog) at the University of Applied Sciences Technikum Wien in cooperation with the Austrian mobile developer studio blockhaus.

If you want to contribute to this project please don't hesitate forking it. You can either send us pull requests via the GitHub project or contact us.

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